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20th Legislative District MapLewis County is in the 20th Legislative District for purposes of State Legislative representation, and in the 3rd Congressional District for federal representation in Congress.

Our State Legislative District elects two state representatives every two years and one state senator every four years.

Our representative in the U.S. House of representatives is elected every two years. Lewis County voters also help to elect two United States Senators (Democrats Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell) every six years, each with staggered terms, and the following statewide elected offices:

  • Governor (Democrat Jay Inslee),
  • Lieutenant Governor (Democrat Brad Owen),
  • Secretary of State (Republican Kim Wyman)
  • State Treasurer (Democrat Jim McIntire),
  • Attorney General (Democrat Bob Ferguson),
  • State Auditor (Democrat Troy Kelley),
  • Superintendent of Public Instruction (Democrat Randy Dorn),
  • Insurance Commissioner (Democrat Mike Kreidler),
  • Commissioner of Public Lands (Democrat Peter Goldmark), and

Lewis County is in the 20th Legislative District for State Senate and State Representative representation in Olympia. This district includes all of Lewis County, as well as part of Thurston County.

3rd Congressional district mapLewis County is in the 3rd Congressional District. This district includes Lewis, Cowlitz, Clark, Skamania, Pacific and Wahkiakum, as well as part of Thurston County.

For County focused elections, Lewis County voters elect the following officials:

  • 3 County Commissioners
  • County Auditor
  • County Assessor
  • County Treasurer
  • County Clerk
  • County Sheriff
  • County Coroner

Lewis County Commissioners and the County Commission serve as both the County’s Chief Executive as well as its Legislative body. To see a larger version of this map, as well as individual maps of each district, use the links provided below. In the Primary Election, voters only vote for candidates running in their Commissioner District. In the General Election, voters will vote for all Commissioner District positions.